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We encourage you to experience fresh, authentic tastes, freshly baked pizzas and bagles, delicious and healthy salads, colored with carefully selected ingredients.
Our purpose is to provide more than just a pizza, to offer courageous combinations and stunning flavors, to deliver stories at everybody’s meals, in families, at work places or at parties.

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Who we are?

imagine-despre-noi-testWe are simple people, we cook for a long time and we do it with passion.

Because we love food and we promote a healthy lifestyle, we have sought the best way to merge the two and so was born the Gourmet Pizza. A pizza that is cooked with attention to visual details, with healthy, fresh ingredients to which we add a lot of passion. The aspect of our products is a delight to the eye and the taste is mouth watering. But even more than aspect and taste, we want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, and we believe it is very important that we include fresh and healthy ingredients into our products so that people can benefit from it as much as they can.

We have also entered the market with our brand new idea of dessert-pizza: A healthier dessert, made from the well-known pizza dough, with thin crust and mozzarella cheese or mascarpone, but the rest of the ingredients are fruits and spices that perfectly complement the taste , and food lovers go crazy about the amazing smell the vibrant coloring and of course the fresh and authentic taste.

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